Amazon Pay credit card: where' to apply and earn reward

Uses And Benefits Of Amazon pay credit card

What are the Uses And Benefits Of Amazon pay credit card. Now it comes to how we can make this credit card? So before that we should know this, To create this credit card, which documents should be have? And by following which terms and conditions can be Eligible in this credit card. There is mainly two Terms & Condition to be eligible in this credit card. The first condition is that your Age limit If you want to make this credit card, then your age is Minimum 21 years And the maximum should be 70 years. If you age is less than 21 years,Then you are not eligible to make this credit card. The same is the second condition. These credit cards will be provided to all customers of Amazon, But for just a few days, only 35 cities peoples of India are being provided.

So if your city name is in 35 cities Only then are you eligible to make this credit card So how do you know the names of those 35 Cities You can checkout in our description box, there will all cities name are given So if your city name is in that list Only then are you able to make that credit card So if you are eligible to make this credit cards, then what documents should you have?

Uses And Benefits Of Amazon pay credit card

Friends,If you are eligible to make this credit card So you must first have documents, then your identity proof. In which you can give your Card PAN Card, Voter Card & Passport. If we discuss about Second documents. The second Document is Residence Proof Under Residence proof. You can give your Card, PAN Card,Voter card Can give passport or rental agreement Or friends can give you any government bill on that Such as : Electricity Bill, gas bill Any such government can give a bill If we discuss about the third document. So here is the third document and the most important document is PAN Card. Friends, when you are applying for this credit card. The most important thing at the time of applying is your PAN Card is with you. There will also ask you for your PAN card And discuss about the fourth document, income proof is your fourth document.

If you do the job, you can give salary slips there And you can give last 2 month statement. If you do not have a job, you have a self-employed, then you will be filing income tax return In this case, you have to give a copy of income tax return And you have give the last 2 months statement of your current business account. So these four documents are required here. So now let’s discuss about if we are eligible for this credit card And we also have all the documents. Then how can we apply for this credit card? Friends don’t have to do much to apply. From the web page of Amazon, you can apply this credit card.

One thing to pay attention to that if you already have an account with ICICI Bank. If you register the number in that account, If you will enter the number here. So as soon as you apply the form, you will get the Amazon ICICI Bank Credit Card in the Digitally form And if you do not have an account, then after a few days your document will be verified and after a few days this credit card will come to you. So friends, if you have an account with ICICI Bank, then you have to enter that registered number And if you do not have an account, then file your contact number. After filling the contact number, friends there will be a button below Of Get OTP. You have to click on that As soon as you click, A OTP will come from ICICI Bank on your number. You have to fill that OTP in the column that come again After filling OTP. As soon as you click on Verify, a page will open again In which friends, you have to fill some personal details Like your first name ,Last name ,Gender ,DOB PAN Number, Gmail, Mobile number, Gotta fill it all guys Along with this, you also have to fill your PIN code. Pin code will be entered carefully by you guys Because PIN CODE is verified only whether you are eligible for this credit card or not.