Citi Double Cash Back Card

Another 1% as you pay to give you a total of 2% cash back it’s loaded with a bunch of gems but it does have a few duties to it I’m gonna take you through a full review of the card and help you decide if this card is for you and if the gems outweigh the doodoos hey ker it’s tri what kind of money growth Academy where we demystify personal finance simplify credit cards and multiply your earnings before we get going hit that like button cuz you

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Citi Double Cash card earn cash back now, travel rewards later

Citi Double Cash

The application manner for the citi double cash card. Just in case you’re interested by getting this specific card from Citibank. But earlier than we get started I have a brief message. We also talk approximately the way to get coins returned actual cash cash from the usage of credit cards, as well as credit score card evaluations. Citi Double Cash Card One percent when you make the purchase and another one percent when you pay for that particular purchase. So you’re able to get two percent cash back overall. Now

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