Where Does the Money for Credit Card Rewards Come From?

Credit Card Scammers on the Dark Web

Everyday out here is set cash like wish to come home for now not even $a thousand I learn two weeks then you definitely gotta pay tax like a thousand greenbacks in front of you guys at present right now yeah how we do that we got to with the chippies on here two four five seven eight three six three five zero seven this is exactly how we make our bread we’re these niggas we make it fly i have not labored in 10 years.

I did go to work you understand i attempted that it’s too gradual recall it avid character makes about a hundred bucks a day once they do go to work for eight hours and i devour ok my children devour right there you wish to have your children to devour correct appear at my child devour slightly special than nobody you need to use Bitcoin it is basically credit cash to cover your identity and you do not have to use your actual money that is a more untraceable manner all people’s onto it.

Credit Card Scammers

so if you if I received to Bitcoin places that is right here touch your ft that’s what I do I wake up in the one go load up despatched my money in these days I gotta be sentient and give one money turn it can be lifeless conveniently you bought the head to the lure when the whole thing will get sold at medicines we prepare dinner up portions now i am going within the dock once I purchase some good the darkish web is in actual fact like at Google however ordinary working humans would not learn about that you may purchase medications that you can purchase a kidney the best way to me by means of Kenny hike this one known as a dummy blank yeah it’s a dummy blank take a good seem at it it’s simply so on the package deal provide this up operator see what they mentioned it has numbers i mighta take these numbers up off and put my numbers on there you get what i am saying so we have long past to work however it’s right I are available in let me show.

You the way we do that right yeah take the whole lot off this the whole lot off the CCI she comes off proper i’m about to punch up some new see I see coming off proper voila magic you adore this it can be some absolutely however i am simply giving out a rundown now punch up the numbers that I brought off of the dog-whip and give away money time grind sizzling I jumped into this in the drug sport you get what i am pronouncing what drug recreation is slowly you realize drugs you acquired to look a pair persons doing transactions good with this you make him a couple of thousand bucks one day or from doing for nothing I mean which one would you decide upon so the honest which i have been doing this for approximately ten years in this recreation – I inform ya it is quite a few humans that simply began doing this it is just opening to get well known.

I got a home you could not as like 17 years old own even have a license he is John X finity am 37 i understand how did you get that they learned concerning the gaming listening to the song that’s out correct now Andy catching on each person’s on to it so realize within the song, to this man with a cause why these niggas mad gang the rationale why these niggas mad cash coming speedy gotta chase a bag chitty-chitty bang-bang CIP code cache nonetheless under saved a large canine correct that came this 32 on my I mean it’s very mainstream a number of persons speakmen about it all people’s doing it each person speaking mine quite a few men and women just they do what they hear you movie me like anything it’s lit right now they go make a track about that shape I mean anything they’re something’s a gimmick but I used to be the primary person who introduced that to lifestyles for me I’ve made the first.

what I do for a residing you obtained result this cool couple of them have assault tuition money seem at this 300 no 20s no nothing countless numbers countless numbers provide money daily scare me and i received more hunters coming right now full 5 six seven eight I did go to college you already know my way and did have a measure to wish to come residence to 9 hundred thousand dollars each two weeks then I paid tax like a thousand bucks they’re funny you guys today correct now yeah you hi there that’s now it can be my pleasant friend see that computer it can be my great buddy you see that thing right there it is my other nice friend correct I might take that anyplace with me yeah yeah then you just this right here Bluetooth so I would be at the mall correct now within the automobile parking space like ok have my computing device with me you know.

Credit Card Scammers on the Dark Web

I obtained a sizzling spot on my mobilephone get the strip’s appreciated up they try to make it just a little bit harder you understand about placing a bit chip system but wager what got here out with this system that’s on along when you consider that I acquired new chips it will so you understand so now all I do is I bought a pair individuals which is ladies they just what inform me exactly what it’s what we go on for at present like let’s say for instance this is gonna be a ps4 day in these days punch up some playing cards put their title on it in order that they in a position to head and let the identical to the store simply you already know we reside beginning to the store get as a lot ps4 as you can and keep in mind.

I obtained a money out now for everything so soon as I get all of the merchandise i am gonna go nowhere I’ve obtained to place nothing on all full of nothing i’ll consume me I simply purchased one place so i go money out make my cash pay my workers any person long past through they manner you know once I’m not on my and on the streets lights there may be one other method I I get my stay dwelling stay in the back of the radar order a couple of matters I could have walked up via the process like I mentioned I acquired to peer how this works all proper now me and my boys been building a studio and we’re about to order some studio gear I need a mixer next day i would like for the studio.

Who Pays For Your Credit Card Rewards

I was once do i need desire a visitor it looks like a banging ass demise $2,000 I had to part it is gonna come out so damn now almost $5,000 when you rounded off to the nearest hundred hello this is it correct right here what i am gonna do is no ball on my side proper now on my mobile take a bank card quantity out i’m right here take a just right appear folks’s credit card I was in everywhere the world see now seem I just checked it i do know in case you could see it says valid proper in order that signifies that one works all right well now i’m simply gonna plug the whole lot in supply him an additional delivery deal with and it will have to be on the best way oh thanks to your order see that that easy should be right here day after today all and sundry see me take a seat i do not even wrap but i really like this yeah ordinary type working individuals without doubt no longer affected on the grounds that wager what after they appear at that gigantic account.

This wasn’t me simply get their cash correct again so i am no longer doing big scam humans’s as well you believe me and this one is for the banks you are scamming people i am scamming y’all quickly you get a thousands of dollars so if i am getting a pair thousand 100 thousand if they would do it why cannot I walk the foot can not I spend it on the whole lot to be sincere with you I mean the day past for me was about $3,000 damn I made 3,000 vacation trips very convenient and it can be cop and pictures are Hennessy for like $22 you wanna go to Chicago tonight I think you will have to come tonight and make you and all people have a unusual night tonight you can’t discontinue my waft it can be at all times gonna occur that is the united states so it is all in regards to the cash you recognize.

so we got to make the cash high after we cannot you gotta save money you made 3,000 for the giant will get one I spent a thousand with you guys I spent a thousand my associates wouldn’t you suppose the other two types of girls I gotta get monetary savings no longer the ordinary man or woman make anything like this good once I start thinking about the terrible stuff like getting caught with the aid of the police that’s you realize probably the most matters occur that is when matters like that happened.
So I try to not feel about that in any respect you know, she long past whenever you feel about it that is when a occurs that is proper here, I mean carries time. I imply doing whatever i’m using a person else’s information to advantage me that’s federal you realize. I am no longer gonna see it for a couple years man. She just amusing, however Bauhaus yeah my bowels come on child to the crib ensure he residing just right i’m on this game of getting and get out I gonna do this family when I get my family settled it can be over with never see me again you