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Citi REMOVES Key Benefits From ALL Credit Cards

We’ve got a lot to discuss about look at all these slashes city is doing. I’m doing a complete 180 on my opinion of City Credit Card. What a great credit card that was but now I’ve got to take a lot of that back since city just released news. They’re slashing pretty much all of the benefits from pretty much all of their cards, if you’ve been thinking about getting a city credit card or if you already have one. I’ll fill you in on all the details on whether or not you should still go for it or even keep it in your wallet. Here you learn Citi REMOVES Key Benefits From ALL Credit Card and how to master your well to free yourself, we’re giving you practical skills and applicable knowledge.

So you can improve your EKG that’s your ability to earn keep and grow your money. So let’s get into this what the heck is going on with the Citi Credit Card. Why did they slash most of their benefits and most importantly Why Citi REMOVES Key Benefits From ALL Credit Cards?

How made your card beneficial?

So here’s the email that they’ve been sending out to card holders important changes are coming to some of your card benefits. The following is a summary of changes that are being made to your card benefits effective September 22nd 2019 world wide car rental insurance trip cancellation, and interruption protection. The worldwide travel accident insurance trip delay protection baggage delay protection lost baggage protection citi price rewind and 90 day return protection will be discontinued. This will no longer be provided for purchases made on or after that date coverage for purchases made before that date will continue to be available. You may continue to file for benefits in accordance with the current benefits terms roadside assistance dispatch service and travel emergency assistance will be discontinued. It will not be available on or after September 22nd 2019 we’re making these changes, so that we can continue providing the key benefits.

Our customers use in value most at no additional cost this change requires no action on your part see FAQ is under car benefits for answers to frequently asked questions . As regarding these changes as a card member you will continue to receive a range of other car benefits including FICO credit score city identity theft solutions. The Citi Entertainment you might be thinking oh well that doesn’t seem like a lot of things being removed.

Let me show you what the graphical representation what benefits are being removed from exactly what cards because it makes me wonder what is really going to be left for the citi cards to stand. Let’s get into what they’ve cut out from what card. So I put this graph together for you guys so you guys can see exactly ,what cards so I’ve got citi prestige card, citi premier card, Citi advantage Platinum select, Citi dividend, Citi double cash card American Airlines advantage mile up card. The AT&T access card and then on the left hand side right here I’ve got all the benefits.

So I’ve got the citi price rewind 90 day return protection damage and theft purchase protection extended. The warranty worldwide car rental insurance trip cancellation and interruption protection travel accident insurance trip delayed protection baggage to the leg protection lost baggage protection roadside assistance travel. The emergency assistance medical evacuation and miss event protection now, these are things that they’re known for providing on a lot of these cards

So what I did in this graph is everything that says n/a is just not applicable these are things. These cards already did not offer in way of benefits and all of these red X’s you guys see up here. I mean there are a lot these are all the benefits being slashed everything in green. what’s here to stay which honestly is not that much compared to what’s being cut so if we look at the citi price rewind for example the Motor Citi press rewind. Which saves people thousands and thousands of dollars I’ve got a friend.

Who saved thousands of dollars over his time using the citi press rewind program over the years. This is going to cut across the board completely for every card the 90 day return protection cut across the board for every car okay the damage of theft purchase protection that’s going to remain for a lot of their prestige cards premier cards. That’s gonna kind of stay on same thing with the extended warranty which is really nice. The other things are going to go now what you can also see is the worldwide car rental insurance. Now what made some of these cards great to use for trips.

You’ll see that they are cutting out everything that applied to travel. So for all my travelers out there this is not the car to use anymore this is a no-go card. I mean world like car rental insurance that’s something you need no longer. I benefit on any of my citi cards with that travel accident insurance same thing trip delayed protection gone delayed protection gone lost baggage protection gone. Which was a nice feature to have actually was able to use that one time Road assistance gone travel and emergency assistance gone medical evacuation missed event.

When you start to look at it in a graph that is a huge amount of benefits that have been cut out and taken from these cars so that begs the question what is left to these cards besides the damage of theft purchased protection you know. The extended warranty but you’re seeing that on a lot of other cards so I won’t say that’s unique to these guys what was unique.

You know is the citi price rewind it was the traveling that’s all gone now so we’re gonna have to find better cards. I’ll kind of keep discussing about my thoughts on this. I just want to put this in a graphical present presentation for you guys so you guys could see how much is really being cut away from these cards. Why it might not make sense for you to keep this card in your wallet. Why you might just want to stick it in a drawer. Let’s say that this is being done to benefit the cardholder at no additional cost but I’m not believing that especially, since some of the cards that have an annual fee were increased this year. They roll out all of these slashes what also makes this a weird move.

I can’t wrap my head around is that Citi decided to roll out these twelve benefit slashes at the same time. The most credit card companies when deciding to change slowly roll them out one at a time some of the changes are semi understandable. For example, citi’s price rewind benefit with the prevalence of auto generated insurance claim apps like Earnie and SIFt people no longer have to manually go through the long and painful process of filing a price comparison claim now these apps automatically scan your email for receipts then send price protection claim to your credit card company on your behalf without you having to do anything apps. Like this force most credit card issuers to remove their price protection benefits chase. For example ended up removing its price protection from the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Benefits and MasterCard

Its other cards last year then discover remove their price protection benefits. MasterCard is removing coverage from their cards as of July 1st 2019. Now the difference between those issuers and citi with citi used the price protection program as a major differential point between other cards. They even invested heavily in designing citi price rewind which allowed car holders to input their purchase into their app and it would scan the last 60 days to see. If there was a better price and as everyone was being forced to slash the price protection benefits city rather than slashed the prices decided to cap claims out a thousand dollars a year per customer. The only allowed $200 per claim but now Citi he’s completely scrapping one of its foundational pillars and I think you can chalk it up to city just trying to keep more money and cut more expenses while delivering the bare minimum they can in ways of benefits.

I personally think it’s going to have a negative impact on the image of their cards. They’ve become so well-known for some of the other previous benefits. If you’re a big fan of the price protection benefits Now with all these major slashes occur in the city’s benefits it’s hard to see any positive spin on this announcement and it definitely does not feel as they stated that it’s for the card holders benefit. It definitely feels like it benefited everyone at the corporate level within the company. Maybe have to do with over buying the Costco account and as they mentioned it will be interesting to see. What benefits that end up adding now, when it comes to needing a great travel or shopping protection card. The city cards are no longer a go-to card for me unfortunately and with all these negative changes occurring.