2020 Citi Double Cash Review

Citi Double Cash – Credit Card Unboxing

Welcome to yet another credit card content. Todd here with find out how to construct credit score tv and on this bank card content. We’re going to be having to look on the citI double money card. But before we get began, i’ve a speedy message. As soon as again my identify is Duane with how to construct credit score television and on this channel we speak about the whole thing you need to find out about credit score. We additionally pointed out the way to get cash back genuine cash cash from utilising bank cards, as well as credit card experiences. So on this credit cards content, we’re going to be having a seem on the citi double cash card. It is a 2% money back card you get 1% when you’re making a purchase order and then you definitely get yet another 1% while you pay for that purchase.

Citi Double Cash

So you’re capable to earn 2% cash back. So we’re gonna go ahead and have a look at this targeted credit card. I’m gonna unbox it for you right right here. The Citibank double cash credit card or the citi double money card so it is a credit card that you’re sincerely ready to get again two percent cash back.

One percent when you are making the purchase and a further one percent when you pay for that precise buy. So you are capable to get 2 percentage on every single buy. So it is only a step above the 1.5% credit cards that are in the market and so truly in case you spend $a hundred you may get back two greenbacks correct so even though it can be simply you already know fifty cents per $100 in the event you comparing the 2% money again card to the 1.5% money back card. That one little 50 Cent’s can add up over thousands of dollars so i’m serious about this certain card from Citibank.

I had a citibank account a very long time in the past again in school I suppose i would like a twelve thousand greenback restrict but anyway I ruined that account and so this account i have a 4 thousand three hundred buck credit score restrict with Citibank. So i’m excited let’s get to it so i’m simply gonna open this so that you simply guys can understand what to expect.

Citibank Card

In order you can find you’re gonna get it in an envelope that’s blue and inexperienced which is the colour of the bank card from Citibank. So that’s beautiful cool let me go ahead and open it right here you guys. All right so let’s get to it as soon as again i’m serious about getting you understand re-established with Citibank. I did have a secured bank card with them and so I went ahead and utilized for this distinctive card due to the fact that I felt like I you know was gonna get accepted for it and So let me go ahead and open this right here. I mentioned what to anticipate. So this is all knowledge that has to do with pursuits, interest rates and curiosity expenses and so forth and so on. In order you’ll find i have a zero percentage introductory offer here unless December 2019 so that’s several months which is quite excellent.

After which after that my APR might be fifteen point two 4 percentage which is not insanely dangerous compared to how bad it could be. So anyway that is that is that there let me go forward and get the bank card here alrighty ok so there’s loads they they despatched some checks that i do not deal with. Supply me one second guys. Ok so here is the cardboard right here, umm believe it or now not this card doesn’t appear as notable as I thought it will. So let me see let me sort of let’s take it out here.

You guys are not gonna get to peer a lot of the cardboard considering the fact that of path I ought to blur my information. So that they have got my account quantity and whatnot on the back of the cardboard of course and let’s simply style of see what this looks like with the sticker off. So let me take the decal off so you guys can see it. Once once more it can be a 2% cash again card from Citibank and you’re equipped to earn like I mentioned 1% when you are making the initial purchase and then an additional 1% whilst you pay it. Let me go ahead and be clever and put correct over my title because i am clever.

So that’s style of what the card appears like as you’ll find right here for essentially the most section. The cardboard it appears variety of cheap however you recognize i am no longer gonna whinge it with this specified card i am virtually able to get back $150 after I spent 5 hundred greenbacks inside the primary three months so that is now not unhealthy in any respect 100 fifty dollars after you are spending five hundred dollars is pretty sweet so that’s a good signal up offer.