Best STORE Credit Cards (MASSIVE Store Savings)

With all the Best store credit cards out there why would you want to add another Best STORE Credit Cards to your wallet and especially a specific store credit card. If you do any kind of shopping it might be pretty dumb not to have a specific store credit card. I’m going to discuss you the best online shopping card, the best electronics card, Best STORE Credit Cards , the best everyday shopping card the best grocery and gas card the best clothing card, the best home-improvement card and best store credit cards I’m gonna help you guys get some extra savings.

Best STORE Credit Cards

You avoid some of the hidden traps of these cards, So welcome to money growth learning, where we demystify personal finance simplify credit cards and multiply your earnings.

Best STORE Credit Cards

Overall best car has got to be the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card issued by Chase and we’ll discuss about all the gems of this card and then all of the cards we’re going to discuss this card has got quite a few shining gems first off you get a whopping 5% back on all Amazon and Whole Foods purchases. If you’re a Prime member and that’s unlimited so no caps to worry about no rotating categories you’ll also get two percent back at restaurants and gas stations and drug stores for all other purchases.

You’ll get one percent back now this is a zero percent annual fee card but we’ll discuss that a little more in a minute it’s an open loop card meaning. You can use it anywhere Visa or MasterCard accept it and you also get a little signup bonus. You’ll get a $50 Amazon gift card and if you have a prime account you’ll get a $70 gift card. There’s also no foreign transaction fees which I love and you get an extended manufacturer’s warranty plan, which adds on an extra year on to the manufacturer’s warranty. You also do have the option to choose 5% back or special financing on purchases over a certain amount and all honesty the 5% back is typically the better deal though.

Amazon Prime account

The other issue is in order to get the five percent back on amazon purchases. You do need to have an Amazon Prime account which can be a little pricey as I’m making this in the Amazon Prime membership fee is 109 18 dollars sort of break even on your Prime membership. You would need to spend about 2,400 annually. So who is this card for wel,l if you’re like us and you love low prices and fast shipping and you already have an Amazon Prime membership. There’s no reason not to have this card and reap the rewards benefits most general credit cards offering 5% back have quarterly spending caps and rotating categories. So you can see how good this offer is now when it comes to everyday shopping.

I think the best credit card and one of the toughest to be is honestly the target red card it offers target fanatics a 5% discount every day on most things in the store as well as online purchases including in-store Starbucks for all you coffee addicts out there one thing. I love about this card is its simplicity there’s no rewards or points to accumulate for a reward certificate. It’s simply 5% discount on most purchases, you’ll also receive free shipping on most items online there are a few exclusions like prescriptions unfortunately clinic services eye exams gift cards. You can do is stack savings with this card by using the target cartwheel app and target subscriptions and gain savings of up to 55% so take advantage of the extra savings by the way there is no annual fee so there’s no need to try and break even with this card.

The target red card is also offered in a debit card version that way you can link straight to your checking account so there’s no interest to worry about or credit card balance to manage and you get all the same benefits as the credit card one of the biggest duties is the hefty variable APR and at the time of filming it’s 25 point 15% so make sure you’re not carrying a balance with this card or else it will completely wipe out any of the savings. You were making it is a closed looped card. So you can only use it at Target unfortunately but with the capability to shop online get free shipping you can pretty much get whatever you need, if you don’t live close to a physical store or they don’t have what you need in that exact store.

Now the shipping of three to five days can honestly be slow, if you do need a product immediately and you don’t like waiting. You’ll probably want to check out the Amazon card. We just mention so who is this card for them it’s honestly for the everyday but especially for Target loyalists with a 5% discount on most purchases in-store and online with free shipping and 30 extra days for returns. It makes for a great card but I would advise anyone who can’t manage to pay their balances or remain financially responsible stay away from this carpet that’s hefty 25 point 15% variable APR or move to the debit card version of the target red card one of my all-time favorite cards in my wallet to use for shopping dining travel