apple card is a fully functioning credit card that will work worldwide

Apple Card: Reaction To The NEW Apple Credit Card

Today, we discuss about The NEW Apple Credit Card. Due to the recent Apple event and to the revealing of the new apple credit card. They call this now the new “Apple Card”, They just took out the word “credit.” So, I thought why not go over what Apple has revealed with this new credit card.

About Apple Card And Apple Wallet app

Through the apple wallet app. At the end they just show this white card. Now, the card before was just black and they decided to make a physical credit card as well.previously i said, Apple would not do a physical card because we are switching to a digital system cards on your phone and with apple wallets. Things like that but they decided to an actual physical card because apple pay is still so new. Apple decided not to make the credit card a plastic card. They decided to make it an aluminum card To create the ultimate flex value Yeah! you all see the guns. I’m not wearing a long sleeve shirt today.And they have seen how famous aluminum and steel playing cards had been right here currently. Apple has seen that. They are extremely good entrepreneurs, so they concept why not make the card aluminum? Along, with the bodily elements of the cardboard, Apple bumped off the numbers.

The NEW Apple Card

The only thing that is actually on the card is the little chip and the name. There’s no numbers, or anything like that. So, now today cards will not have any numbers, because Apple just changed the game. Going into the Apple Wallet side of things. The Apple card would be heavily optimized for the Apple Wallet app. and everything. I have said in there has basically been true. One of my favorite things about what Apple revealed, is you can go text people through imessage and text them $25 or $50 or whatever Kind of like Venmo and you can send them money directly through there.

Along with the Apple Wallet app you can see a chart or budgeting or the amount of money you have previously spent over the past few weeks, or days. You can set days or weeks. Basically you can do all of this with Mint but apple is just doing their own. and then the last thing is, in case your card gets stolen and someone uses it, you can actually see the physical locations of when the card is used Now this isn’t that different because I know with Discover whenever the card is used you see a physical location but not all card companies do that and it’s nice to see Apple is doing that.

How to apply for Apple Card?

Going into the cash back part of this card which is this card’s main point of being a cash back card, Apple only gives 3 percent cash back. for apple purchases. You have some cards that you can get that easy You can easily get 3 percent cash back with other cards. You don’t have to use the apple card. I just thought Apple would do 5 percent because its their own card.

It makes sense for them to boost it up because its their own purchases and their own company. So they should try and entitle you or bring you into the apple store to give you more cash back. Not just average cash back Apple decided to do 2 percent cash back, which isn’t that bad. However the locations around right here that do Apple pay is restrained. Eventually it’s going to get higher, but 2 percentage cash lower back is quite a great deal nothing. And it’s just an average card at that point. Now the thing that wasn’t so average was daily cash back. Usually, with cash back credit cards you only figure out your cash back only 1 month later Apple does it within 1 day, so you know how much cash back you’re getting..