Benefits & Features of Amazon Pay Credit Card

Amazon pay credit card apply online

Hello friends What is Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card? How can we make this credit card by applying it? What are the documents we should have to make this?Amazon pay credit card apply online? And by which terms and conditions do you follow? We may be eligible for this credit card. What are the benefits of using this Credit Card? And where can we use this? And what is the most important thing here is that? This is that many people say this the Amzon Pay ICICI Bank Credit card is lifetime free.There is no need to give us any charge here. So is this truereally lifetime free. Here we will not need to give any extra charge to us. Let’s know Unlocking Something Amazon is with ICICI Bank and Visa Has launched a credit card, that is called Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card Using this credit card. You can shop with Unlimited Cashback from Amazon.

Amazon pay credit card apply online And Its Benefits

The first benefit that comes here is that, That is on its transaction If you shop with Amazon in using this credit card. On your Every Transaction Amount, you get a reward point of 5%. If you are Amazon’s Prime Customer only then Means if you have been prime membership of Amazon. The same if you are a Normal customer of Amazon means, you are not the Prime Membership of Amazon. Still you will shop using this credit card, Then you will get a reward point of 3% on your Transaction Amount. So now you must be wondering what is the reward point Friends, each rewards point value is 1 Rupee Instead of shopping you get rewards points in one month. Those all Rewards Points in the Last of Month You will be found as cashback in your Amazon Pay account.

So if we look at this reward point then it works exactly as a cashback Shop. Today and get a cashback after one month. So if we talk about other benefits Second Benefits. This is Credit Card’s Friends, That if By using this credit card Amazon Preffered Merchant Means the selected merchat by Amazon. If you pay using this credit card there There you will also get a full cashback of 2% Just like if you recharge the mobile on Amazon DTH Recharge Electricity bill payment Buy e-books or gift cards from Amazon, Or do you add balance to Amazon Pa,y Then you will get a full cashback of 2%. There are too many websites with the same Which is selected in Amazon Preferred Merchant. I’ll give you all the links to the Webseite in your description box.

By going there you can check out who has brought the website to Preferred Merchant And then you will also use this credit card. Wherever you will get a full cashback of 2%. So this is what happened to friends. Now it is heard that you got 5% Cashback on Amazon And you got cashback of 2% on Amazon’s Preferred Merchant. If you use this credit card elsewhere Then you will get a cashback of what percentage Friends, if you leave these both of them and use them more Then you will get a full cashback of 1%. So if we look at this credit card If you use this credit card anywhere, then we will must get cashback. So these are the first benefits. Now comes the time of second benefits Second Benefit is Friends Fuel Surcharge Waiver Friends, You will know that, when you go to any petrol pump Take petrol or diesel. There you use credit cards or use debit card to pay. So that was taken 1% more from you Whom they call the fuel surcharges. If you will pay by using this credit card there. So these fuel surcharges will be forgiven for you. So the fuel surcharge will not take place. But I’ll tell you another thing.

Amazon pay credit card apply online

if you buy this fuel using this credit card. So, 1% of the rewards points you need to add. He will not get, So if we see from friends then it becomes equa.l If you did not get one side, you did not even have to pay one side. So if we talk about the third benefits, then the third benefit of this credit card is. By using this credit card, you can buy any product on EMI And if you are buying from Amazon. You can also buy any product on No COST EMI, But there are 2 conditions for buying on NO COST EMI. The first condition is that the product, you want to purchase should be of the minimum 3000 And the second condition is that guys Of his payment to which you will select tensure i.e time of Installment that should be maximum of 6 month. If you select its installation date for more than 6 months. So you will not be able to get no cost emi here, Rather, you will get only EMI Where you have to pay interest. So these three benifitas are friends. This type of credit card has many more benefits. As if for a few days if you make this credit card. So in your amazon pay account Cashback of 750 rupees can be received. If you are the Prime customer of amazon. That’s the same, if you are Amazon’s Non Prime Customer Means if you have not been Amazon’s prime membership. Even then you can get a full cashback of Rs.500 Similar friends and many more benefits. So this is what is the ICICI Bank Credit Card of Amazon