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Poll 17

23 March 2007 - 30 March 2007

Instructions to voters were:

Dialogue for the page by CabbyHat.

There are a lot of dialogue options here. Most of them work with this page as the second page of the comic, but some imply a different page ordering. Don't let that bother you - just pick the dialogue you like best. The page ordering will be shuffled to make it work.

In all of these dialogues, the lines are numbered according to what panel they appear in. If a number is skipped, that means that panel is silent.

  1. 1 Announcer: Hello again, sports fans, and welcome to the Great Zzybak Race! In this, the most cutthroat and thrilling of space races, hearty challengers new and old face off for fame, glory, and a massive prize! Let's meet some of our racers as they approach the starting line!
    2 Announcer: Here we have Daisy Hoshino, first-time competitor and chief mechanic of the Infinity. What are your thoughts heading into this race?
    2 Daisy: Well...
    3 Daisy: I'm obviously nervous going into a big name race like this. Jake and I built the engine on our own, and the frame is mostly spare parts. We put all our money and hard work into this, and while I'm confident in its ability to perform...
    4 Announcer: You're worried something might happen to it?
    4 Daisy: Yeah. Seems silly, right?
    4 Jimmers: Why is this button flashing?
    5 Explosion: BOOM!
    6 Announcer: Looks like your fears are well-founded. Good luck to you!
    6 Jake (off panel): I heard that! I can totally fix this!

  2. 1 Reporter: Welcome back. You may remember Daisy Hoshino from the last race, now entering with her own starship the Infinity.
    2 Reporter: Ms. Hoshino, being an engineer yourself, why did you hire Jake? Do you expect your new role as captain to keep you busy?
    2 Jake: *mumble*
    3 Daisy: Not exactly. My last team showed me you need more than one engineer on board.
    4 Reporter: And the artificial organism?
    4 Daisy: It came with Jake. It's been a great asset with the prep work.
    5 *BAM*
    6 Reporter: We'll be back after this short commercial break to talk with Daisy's old team, in their starship the Herald of Thad. I'm Tracy Obrianne. Stay tuned for continuing coverage of the Great Zzybak Race.
    6 Schroedinger: (in extremely small font) sscared...

  3. 1 Correspondent: I'm in the hangar of the favorites to win Zzybak: Team Infinity.
    2 Correspondent: Daisy Hoshino, there is a lot of talk about this new engine your team designed, but you've really kept it secret. What can you tell us about it?
    2 Daisy: Well...
    3 Daisy: ...there's not much we'll reveal now. All the design and spec is our own.
    4 Daisy: After it's gotten a thorough run in Zzybak we'll consider making it public.
    4 Correspondent: Surely you can tell us...
    4 Jake *(in background, small print)*: Jimmers, no!
    5 *FOOMP*
    6 Correspondent: And now we'll join Kivin with the favourites to win Zzybak: Team Nebulus.

  4. 1 Nyah: Hello, space-sports fans! This is Nyah Diem, here at the Great Zzybak Space Race!
    2 Nyah: We're here with Daisy Hoshino, engineer for the Infinity. Daisy, it's only 24 hours from the starter's gun. Are you nervous?
    2 Dazer: Call me Dazer.
    3 Dazer: Honestly, Nyah, I feel more relieved than ever. Jake and I only just got this ship working again. But we have a shot.
    4 Dazer: Though plenty disagree. We're pegged as 1,650,002 to 1 longshots...
    5 [Silent, though a massive BANG! sound effect wouldn't go amiss.]
    6 Nyah: Hello, space-sports fans! This is Nyah Diem, reporting with the new betting odds on the Infinity...

  5. 1 Reporter: It's Syrene of OmniCast from Great Zzybak Race! Here we have our surprise last-minute registrants: Miss Daisy Hoshimo from the Infinity!
    2 Reporter: So are you ready for the race?
    2 Daisy: Umm..
    3 Daisy: Well... yeah, we are ready.. I guess...
    4 Reporter: I hear a bit of uncertainity in your voice.
    4 Daisy: No, everything is okay, actually.
    5 BOOM!!
    6 Reporter: Well, good luck for the young team!
    6 Daisy (thinking): I just wanna kill somebody...

  6. 1 Reporter: This special presentation is brought to you by One-armed Jack's Laser Rifle Emporium. Now let's meet the next contestant!
    2 Reporter: Daisy Hoshino, of the ship Infinity! How do you rate your team's chances?
    3 Dazer: I'd say cautiously optimistic. None of us is a full-time pilot, but we all have an engineering background.
    4 Reporter: So you won't have any mechanical worries?
    4 Dazer: I don't think so!
    5 [silent, possibly with sound effect]
    6 Reporter: That was Daisy Hoshino, of the ship Spoke Too Soon! On to our next contender...

  7. 1 Host: Next I'll talk to another team competing in the Great Zzybak Race!
    2 Host: Miss Hoshino, What makes you think you can win the most gruelling, cut-throat competition in the known universe?
    3 Dazer: The Infinity has a few tricks up it's sleeve,
    4 Dazer: and Jake, Jimmers and I are professional ...
    6 Host: Let's wish them luck, back to the studio.
    6 Dazer: (small font) Jimmers.

  8. 1 Interviewer: Let's check in with rookie-entry, the Infinity.
    2 Interviewer: It's an unusual ship design, Dazer.
    2 Dazer: Yes. Partly we're in the race for "proof-of-concept".
    3 Dazer: So just finishing the race will be a victory.
    3 Dazer thought balloon: Will it ever.
    4 Interviewer: What's left before post time?
    4 Dazer: Just some adjustments and a "smoke test".
    6 Interviewer: Looks like you're generating the smoke all right.
    6 Dazer thought balloon: I should have re-upped with the P.D.F.

  9. 1 Reporter: In the weeks leading up to the Great Zzybak Race, we've heard a lot from the better-known competitors, now we're going to look at the others...
    2 Reporter: This is Daisy Hoshino, one of the owner-operators of the Infinity. Tell me Daisy, what gives your unknown team a chance in this race?
    3 Daisy: Well, between Jake Starr's technical skills and Jimmers' adaptability, we've kept the Infinity running far longer than anyone expected.
    4 Reporter: I see. And what's the big secret to something like that?
    4 Daisy: Patience, perseverance, persistence...
    6 Daisy, muttered: and lots of duct tape...
    6 Reporter: You heard it here folks, Team Infinity will stick together through anything to win this race!

  10. 1 Announcer: This is Sintha Velu here at the pit station of the Great Zzybak Race. I'm here with...
    2 Daisy: ...Daisy Hoshino, Chief Engineer and co-creator of the Infinity.
    2 Announcer: Tell us about your ship.
    3 Daisy: Well, Jake Starr and I put this ship together, with what I think is a rather innovative design. We've hired a third crewman, Jimmers, to help out, too.
    4 Announcer: And how do you think your ship will do?
    4 Daisy: I think we've got a pretty good shot at it. My engine design should give us a serious advantage against some of the standard models out there.
    5 Sound Effect: *BOOM*
    6 Announcer: And that's our profile of another one of the competitors in the Great Zzybak Race. Back to the control room.
    6 Daisy: (muttering) ... if we manage to make it out of the gate, that is.

  11. 1 Newscaster: We now join Ms. Daisy Hoshino of the Infinity.
    2 Newscaster: Tell me what's going on here.
    2 Dazer: Well, someone didn't do the work he was supposed to.
    3 Dazer: The thrusters need calibration, and the coolant system is plugged.
    4 Newscaster: Oh I don't understand that techno-speak. It's all smoke and mirrors to me.
    4 Dazer: Oh, it's simple, just--
    6 Newscaster: ...well, smoke, anyway. This is Anita Strahn-Drynck, for USPN.
    6 Dazer (muttering): He won't want a mirror after I'm done with him.

  12. 1 Hydra: It's the day of the Great Zzybak Race, and I'm here with Daisy Hoshino of the Infinity.
    2 Hydra: Daisy, can you tell us a little more about your team or the ship?
    3 Daisy: Of course. We're using the race to test a new jump drive...
    4 Jake (small text): Don't touch that bu...!
    4 Hydra: A new type of jump drive? Modifications to drives are difficult and expensive...
    6 Hydra: And sometimes not always work according to plan. Will they repair it quickly enough in time for the race? We'll find out soon here on Off-Planet-On-Topic News, your source of news on the race. I'm Hydra Foil, reporting.

  13. 1 Newscaster: I'm reporting live from the pre-race hangar, where contestants are putting the final touches on their crafts.
    2 Newscaster: How does it feel to be competing against hundreds of other racers with bigger ships and more money? What keeps you chasing after that tiny shred of hope of even completing the course, let alone victory?
    3 Daisy: Well obviously not the boundless optimism of spectators.
    3 Daisy: The Infinity sports a custom engine hand built by Jake and me that will pull us through.
    3 [Box with arrow pointing to Jimmers]: Jimmers
    4 Newscaster: You hope to beat top of the line racing ships with a custom design? Good luck!
    4 Daisy: Well, we do have a few tricks up our sleeves...
    6 Newscaster: Unless the rest of you tricks work out better, I think "tiny shred of hope" may have been an overesimtation.
    6 Newscaster: Back to you at the studio.

  14. 1 Reporter: Welcome back to our coverage of the upcoming Great Zzybak Race, the Event of the Decade! It's now time to look at some of the newcomers.
    2 Reporter: This is Daisy Hoshino, of the Infinity. Daisy, tell us about the ship and the crew please.
    2 Daisy: Sure, we're a crew of three. Jake's our Captain, an engineer like me, and the two of us built the ship. Jimmers is...
    2 Schroedinger: Hungry.
    3 Daisy: ...a mycoid hivemind, a valuable team member. And this is my pet spider-cat, Schroedinger.
    3 Jimmers (mumbling): Shouldn't this be on?
    4 Reporter: How do you see your chances?
    4 Sound: *Click*
    4 Daisy: We are confident that with our engines, we can win...
    4 Jake: Not that button!
    5 Sound: Loud *Ka-rash*
    6 Daisy: ...after a few more repairs...
    6 Reporter: Thank you, Daisy. The next participant we will look at is...
    6 Schroedinger: Scared.
    6 Daisy: Unlikely.

  15. 1 Reporter: It's been ten years since the last Zzybak race, the longest and most dangerous race in the universe. Given the death toll associated with the race a first time contestant, like Daisy Hoshino, always manages to turn a few heads.
    2 Reporter: Daisy Hoshino, the other racers claim that 'a puttering wreck like Infinity' doesn't stand a chance in the Zzybak race. Whatever possessed you to enter?
    2 Daisy: A puttering wreck?
    3 Daisy: I wouldn't say that we don't stand a chance. We might not have the best ship or the largest crew, but Infinity has maneuverability on her side. Besides, being a new ship the competition won't know what to expect out of us.
    4 Reporter: So do you think the Infinity might just win?
    4 Daisy: Oh, it isn't really about winning. Just racing around the universe should prove to be a real blast!
    5 BOOM!
    6 Reporter: This just in! The Zzybak has had its first casualty of the year before the race has even begun!
    6 Daisy: Frankly I hope that you're right about that...

  16. 1 Announcer: ...have a great turnout this year at the 23rd Decennial Great Zzybak Race. Let's talk to one of the competitors.
    2 Announcer: With less than five hours left to go before the race, what are your thoughts on the weeks ahead?
    3 Daisy: We've got a great ship and a lot of determination; we're going to give it our best.
    4 Announcer: And your crew, competent for the job at hand?
    4 Daisy: Oh yes, they're--
    6 Announcer: And there you have it -- the Great Zzybak Race, where anyone with big dreams can enter. Back to you, Botelo.

  17. 1 Announcer: We're here today with Dazer, the Infinity's Engineer!
    2 Dazer: Well, one of the engineers...
    2 Announcer: How is your ship doing?
    3 Dazer: Great! Jimmers and Jake are doing final tune-ups!
    4 Announcer: You feel the ship will run well enough to win?
    Dazer: Yes!
    5 *boom* (if any text)
    6 Announcer: Well, time is short! Soon the race will be underway!

  18. 1 Interviewer: Hello, and welcome to the start of The Great Zzybak Race. We're here to talk to one of the new hopefuls in this, the greatest of all races in the universe.
    2 Interviewer: Ms. Hoshino, what do you think your chances are in a race where more than half of the racers never even finish?
    2 Daisy 'Dazer' Hoshino: Please, call me Dazer.
    3 Daisy 'Dazer' Hoshino: Well, we know our chances aren't great.
    3 SFX: Pops and hisses from machinery Jake and Jimmers are working on.
    4 Daisy 'Dazer' Hoshino: But I expect we'll have a few surprises in store for anyone who thinks the Infinity will be easy to beat.
    4 Interviewer: Would that include the rumors of a new...
    4 Jake Starr: No, Jimmers! Don't...
    5 SFX: WHOOMP!
    6 Interviewer: Well, it looks like the crew of the Infinity have their hands full. Back to Marv in the studio.
    6 Jake Starr (off screen): Jimmers, put yourself back together. And this time, don't help me.
  1. 1 commentator: The Great Zzybak Race is just hours from starting and I'm here with one of the race contenders, Daisy Hoshino.
    2 Commentator: So Daisy, how does it feel to be taking part in the largest and most dangerous race in the galaxy?
    3 Daisy: It's very exciting to be part of something so huge. The danger doesn't bother me in the slightest, I have a great team with me...
    3 Jake: okay... just a bit tighter... nearly there... Jimmers, pass me that doohicky over there...
    4 Commentater: So how long have you and your team been together?
    4 Daisy: Well that's a funny story actually...
    4 Jimmer: What's this button do?
    4 Jake: What butt... no don't touch that...
    5 *Boom!*
    6 commentater: So back to the studio...

  2. 1 Interviewer: ...We will now present some of the hopeful new entrants into this year's Zzybak race!
    2 Interviewer: Miss Daisy Hoshino? How do you feel about your first participation in this dangerous race?
    3 Daisy: Well, let me just say that the others shall eat the stellar dust from our ship's figurative boots.
    4 Interviewer: You seem to really trust your team's abilities.
    4 Daisy: Oh, absolutely!
    5 ( bang. )
    6 Interviewer: Let's see what our other newcomers are up to.

  3. 1 Reporter: Thanks, Jim. We're here at the opening spaceport for the Great Zzybak Race.
    2 Reporter: And here's Daisy Hoshino, a newcomer to the Race. How about a few words, Daisy?
    2 Daisy: ...Huh?
    3 Daisy: Well, um... Yeah, we're new, but the Infinity is a good ship and I think we've got a chance.
    4 Reporter: The Slicer brothers are favored to win this year. How are you going to deal with them?
    4 Daisy: Well, Ió
    5 BOOM!
    6 Daisy: Excuse me. I have to go hurt someone.
    6 Reporter: Um...Back to you, Jim.

  4. 1 Reporter: I'll speak now with one of the competitors.
    2 Reporter: Miss, how do you think you'll do in the upcoming race?
    3 Daisy: Well, I'm obviously pretty optimistic...
    4 Daisy: We've got a great ship, and two expert mechanics.
    4 Reporter: Whatever happens, let the best pilot--
    5 FX: FOOP
    6 Reporter: And on that note, back to the studio!

  5. 1 Presenter: ... and finally, we will present the spaceship Infinity, built especially for winning this Great Zzybak Race.
    2 Presenter: Daisy Hoshino, how ominous do you think arriving in last place to the start point is?
    3 Daisy: As an engineer, I don't believe in omens or luck. I rest easy knowing that our capable--
    3 Jake: Jimmers! Have you touched anything? This should be working.
    4 Presenter: You were saying that your...
    4 Daisy: .. our capable crew is keeping the Infinity in a state of--
    4 Jimmers: The red button. I turned it off.
    4 Jake: No! Don't! I've switched the--
    5 ::Everyone coughs::
    6 Presenter: Infinity's <cough> capable crew is still repairing the ship in a way our watchers will find delightful to follow while Daisy will rest. Follow all the news in MFRTA, the fastest news!

  6. 1 Reporter: Once every decade, great spaceship pilots cluster to the Zzybak galaxy to compete in this, the most grueling, cutthroat competition in the known universe!
    2 Reporter: With me is one of the contestants this year, Dazer Hoshino, with her ship, the Infinity.
    2 Reporter (new speech bubble): Ms. Hoshino, what makes you think you have a whelk's chance of winning this race?
    3 Dazer: Well, we've got a great ship, and we're the three best mechanics in the galaxy.
    4 Reporter: So, you're saying that you think you actually have a chance?
    4 Dazer: Yes! Yes, I am! I think we have a very good chance!
    5 Sound Effect: BOOM!
    6 Reporter: The Great Zzybak race, where logic gets easily blinded by optimism. This is Callisto Williams returning you to the studio.

  7. 1 Reporter: Welcome back viewers. Faun Hexauris here back in the prep area with some of the Zzybak Race crews.
    2 Reporter: So, what's your ship's name, and how do you think you'll do in the race?
    2 Daisy: We're flying our girl, Infinity back there.
    3 Daisy: Our crew knows what they're doing. and we've put a lot of work on this little ship and we're ready to put it on the line for this race.
    4 Reporter: Sounds like you're pretty confident about your chances.
    4 Daisy: Yes, I'm pretty sure-
    5 Daisy: <sigh>
    6 Reporter: Yes, it looks like it's a sure bet how this team will do in the race. Back to you, Blob.
    6 Daisy (small text, under breath): -pretty sure I'm gonna kill those guys...

  8. 1 Alien News Reporter: Hello and welcome. I'm Jane Cameron-Cameron, and this is 'Life at the Races'. We'll be speaking with some of the racers in a few short moments.
    2 Alien News Reporter: Here we are with Soldier and Engineer, Daisy "Dazer" Hoshino. Miss Hoshino, how does it feel to be starting a Galaxy-wide race in only a few short minutes?
    2 Daisy: err...
    3 Daisy: Well, I think my training at the P.D.F. will help me in any scrapes I find myself in.
    3 Jake[Background]: What ate all the duct tape?
    4 Alien New Reporter: And what about your crew?
    4 Daisy: Well...
    4 Jake[Background]: No!
    5 [Explosive Sound Effect]
    6 Alien New Reporter: And that was today's sports! Up next is weather for the race planets and the space traffic our brave pilots will need to watch. And in a few minutes, I'll speak with a team that may get further then the first check point. Until then, I'm Jane Cameron-Cameron for Alien News!

  9. 1 Interviewer: ... and we'll see if they can live up to that boast. Now for the crew of the Infinity.
    2 Interviewer: So, Daisy Hoshino, you believe that the Infinity can win. Why are you right, and the other contestants all wrong?
    2 Schroedinger: Mrrpp?
    3 Daisy: Well, Jake Starr here is a genius with engines, and he's done some innovative things, beyond what anyone else could have managed.
    4 Interviewer: I've heard similar claims from other contestants, of course. In fact, every...
    5 Schroedinger: Mreeep!
    6 Interviewer: Well, they may have trouble living up to that boast. Now, on to the Starracer.
    6 Daisy: There's a thin line between genius and getting spaced.

  10. 1 Commentator: Well I'm here in the docks getting the lowdown from some of the crews...
    2 Commentator: With me is engineer of the Infinity, Daisy Hoshino. Daisy, what makes you think the Infinity can win the Great Zzybak Race?
    3 Daisy: We've got a fantastic self-built engine and a great crew to look after her...
    4 Commentator: A homemade engine and good teamwork is all you need to win then?
    6 Announcer: Lets find out who else is having pre-race pit problems... back to the studio.

  11. 1 Reporter: We are here in the Preparations Bay as participants are busying themselves before the Great Zzybak Race begins. Here comes one of the racers now.
    2 Reporter: Excuse me, Miss. Can I talk with you a moment? Please tell our viewers, in your opinion, what kind of preparation does it take to be a competitive racer?
    3 Dazer: I would say that first your ship needs to be in top shape. And you need a competent crew that work well together and really communicate with each other.
    4 Reporter: Is there anything else you'd like to share with our audience?
    4 Dazer: I, uh...
    4 Schroedinger: Purrrrr...
    4 Jake: No! I didn't say 'when'!
    5 (the obvious Ka-Boom! or Fshoom! or other appropriate onomatopoeia.)
    6 Reporter: Uh, heheh... Ahem. Well, there you have it, folks. We'll have more on the Great Zzybak Race after this commercial break.
    6 Dazer: <grumble>
    6 Schroedinger: <groan>

  12. 1 Reporter: Only two days before the race starts! Continuing our series on participants, meet the Infinity, possibly the cheapest ship of the race. Built by two engineers, Jake Starr and Daisy Hoshino.
    2 Reporter: Daisy, I hear you have only three crew members on Infinity. Isn't a minimum of four needed for a ship to qualify?
    3 Daisy: That's not a problem. Our third crew member, Jimmers, is a hive-mind organism, and the rules clearly state that he counts as two.
    3 Schroedinger: cheep!
    4 Reporter: Okay. How about your ship? Do you believe that home-made engine has a real chance in a race like this?
    4 Daisy: Well...
    5 [Va-Shooom!]
    6 Reporter: Whoa! That was the fastest take off I've ever seen. Those engines are certainly worth something. Maybe the Infinity stands a chance after all... If the crew can find her, that is.

  13. 1 Caption: At the Great Zzybak Race
    1 Announcer: ...making it one of the greatest wastes of resources in galactic history.
    2 Announcer: And here's a participant - dare I say nefarious ringleader? - to answer for the race's crimes.
    2 Dazer: Umm, I don't think that's what it's all about.
    3 Dazer: I mean, we're all here trying to do our best for the whole notion of sport. And children. And kittycats.
    4 Announcer: But what about the poisonous gases and other pollution released upon each accident, of which there are bound to be several thousand?
    4 Dazer: Actually the whole thing is pretty safe, as I underst...
    5 SFX: Whaboof!
    6 Announcer: There you have it! Actual perjury from future defendant in her crimes against the universe case, Daisy Hoshino.

  14. 1 Yesterday...
    Lillian: The Great Zzybak Race. With the galactic interest in this, the best of races, New Blood takes a look at some of our local hopes.
    2 Lillian: Our first local contestant is Daisy Hoshino, of the crew Infinity.
    2 Daisy: Glad to be here, Lillian.
    3 Lillian: So, what can you tell us about this vessel?
    3 Daisy: Well, our main focus is a prototype engine system, home developed with focus on full-burn capabilities.
    4 Lillian: Can you tell us anything about this system?
    4 Daisy: No. As it is a prototype, any leaked infor-
    5 BANG
    5 Jake: My foot!
    6 Daisy: -mation would destroy our chances.
    6 Lillian: Lillian Carmack, New Blood.
    6 Jimmers: Squished!

  15. 1 Reporter: And a dark horse entry in Great Zzybak Race is the Infinity, built by Jake Starr and Daisy Hoshino.
    2 Reporter: Miss Hoshino, this decade's race has ships built by the richest men in the galaxy, planetary governments and paramilitary groups. How can two unemployed engineers win?
    3 Daisy: Well, it's not committee-built, so the Infinity is more efficient. And with a lighter crew, we need fewer resources than most.
    4 Reporter: And are there perhaps any new technological advancements involved?
    4 Daisy: Well, we must have a few secr--
    5 [Explosion!]
    6 Daisy: --ets.
    6 Reporter: That's all from the Infinity. Back to you, Qwatt!

  16. 1 Presenter: Hello, and welcome to the fifth Great Zzybak Race!
    2 Presenter: This is newcomer Daisy Hoshino, from home-built spacecraft Infinity. Daisy, what can you tell us about your ship?
    2 Daisy: Okay...
    3 Daisy: Well, it has a custom-built engine designed for speed. I think we have a good chance to win.
    3 Schroedinger: Hello.
    3 Jake: Here we go.
    3 Jimmers: Hm...
    4 Presenter: Wow, that sounds great!
    4 Daisy: Yep.
    4 Jimmers: What's this do?
    4 Jake: Nooooo!!
    5 Schroedinger: Scared.
    6 Presenter: Looks like this interview went with a bang!
    6 Daisy: You could say that.

  17. 1 Host: Greetings sentients, welcome to the Great Zzybak pre-race show! Here with me is one of the small number of Independents taking part this cycle, Dazer of the Spacecraft...
    2 Host: ...Infinity!
    2 Daisy: Hi. Thanks for the lead in.
    2 Host: So what makes you think that your team has a chance against the Sponsored for this race?
    3 Daisy: With our self-designed and patented new wave engine, we hope to get the Corporations to sit up and take notice instead of turning away innovation.
    4 Host: Wow. You must have a crack crew to be able to run such a prototype craft.
    4 Daisy: Yes. A very well trained and competent...
    5 Caption: BOOM!
    6 Host: Oops! Looks like some racers have taken that to be the signal to proceed to the gate, no doubt they will be mighty cranky at the line. Back to you Stccvc!

  18. 1 Reporter: I'm here at the RedMarsh staging grounds where our contestants are preparing for the start of the Great Zzybak race.
    2 Reporter: And, I have one of the racers here with me, first-time competitor, Daisy Hoshino, and you're from team...
    2 Daisy: Uh, Infinity.
    2 Reporter: How do you feel about the big start tomorrow?
    3 Daisy: Well, the course is difficult and the competition is tough, but we expect to make good time. We've both worked a long time perfecting these engines.
    3 Jake: This thing gets stiffer every time I close it.
    3 Jimmers: ...?
    4 Reporter: Two engineers on the same team?
    4 Daisy: Our combined technical know-how gives us an advantage.
    4 Jake: No! don't open the-
    5 sound effect
    6 Reporter: Back to you, Ig!
    6 Jake: Jimmers, I need a new quantum tester. ...and something for a headache.
    6 Daisy (thought): You think you're hurting now.


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Option 2: 7
Option 3: 4
Option 4: 7
Option 6: 5
Option 7: 2
Option 8: 4
Option 9: 6
Option 11: 3
Option 14: 7
Option 15: 2
Option 16: 2
Option 19: 4
Option 21: 4
Option 23: 3
Option 24: 2
Option 25: 3
Option 26: 2
Option 29: 2
Option 30: 11
Option 31: 5
Option 33: 4
Leader is option 1, with 11 votes.
Total exhausted votes: 1
Votes needed to win: 50
Minimum vote is 2 votes.
Options eliminated: 7, 15, 16, 24, 26, 29,

Round 4

Option 1: 12
Option 2: 7
Option 3: 5
Option 4: 7
Option 6: 6
Option 8: 4
Option 9: 6
Option 11: 3
Option 14: 8
Option 19: 4
Option 21: 4
Option 23: 4
Option 25: 3
Option 30: 15
Option 31: 5
Option 33: 5
Leader is option 30, with 15 votes.
Total exhausted votes: 3
Votes needed to win: 49
Minimum vote is 3 votes.
Options eliminated: 11, 25,

Round 5

Option 1: 12
Option 2: 7
Option 3: 5
Option 4: 9
Option 6: 6
Option 8: 4
Option 9: 7
Option 14: 8
Option 19: 4
Option 21: 5
Option 23: 5
Option 30: 15
Option 31: 5
Option 33: 6
Leader is option 30, with 15 votes.
Total exhausted votes: 3
Votes needed to win: 49
Minimum vote is 4 votes.
Options eliminated: 8, 19,

Round 6

Option 1: 14
Option 2: 7
Option 3: 5
Option 4: 9
Option 6: 6
Option 9: 7
Option 14: 10
Option 21: 5
Option 23: 5
Option 30: 17
Option 31: 6
Option 33: 7
Leader is option 30, with 17 votes.
Total exhausted votes: 3
Votes needed to win: 49
Minimum vote is 5 votes.
Options eliminated: 3, 21, 23,

Round 7

Option 1: 18
Option 2: 8
Option 4: 13
Option 6: 6
Option 9: 7
Option 14: 11
Option 30: 19
Option 31: 6
Option 33: 8
Leader is option 30, with 19 votes.
Total exhausted votes: 5
Votes needed to win: 48
Minimum vote is 6 votes.
Options eliminated: 6, 31,

Round 8

Option 1: 20
Option 2: 9
Option 4: 16
Option 9: 7
Option 14: 11
Option 30: 20
Option 33: 10
Leader is option 1, with 20 votes.
Total exhausted votes: 8
Votes needed to win: 47
Minimum vote is 7 votes.
Options eliminated: 9,

Round 9

Option 1: 22
Option 2: 9
Option 4: 17
Option 14: 13
Option 30: 22
Option 33: 10
Leader is option 1, with 22 votes.
Total exhausted votes: 8
Votes needed to win: 47
Minimum vote is 9 votes.
Options eliminated: 2,

Round 10

Option 1: 24
Option 4: 17
Option 14: 13
Option 30: 23
Option 33: 10
Leader is option 1, with 24 votes.
Total exhausted votes: 14
Votes needed to win: 44
Minimum vote is 10 votes.
Options eliminated: 33,

Round 11

Option 1: 24
Option 4: 18
Option 14: 14
Option 30: 26
Leader is option 30, with 26 votes.
Total exhausted votes: 19
Votes needed to win: 41
Minimum vote is 14 votes.
Options eliminated: 14,

Round 12

Option 1: 30
Option 4: 19
Option 30: 29
Leader is option 1, with 30 votes.
Total exhausted votes: 23
Votes needed to win: 39
Minimum vote is 19 votes.
Options eliminated: 4,

Round 13

Option 1: 33
Option 30: 36
Leader is option 30, with 36 votes.
Total exhausted votes: 32
Votes needed to win: 35
We have a winner!

Raw votes


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