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News: 5 March 2007

Site design vote cancelled

There has been a lot of discussion of the site design vote on the forums and in private communication to me. It has become clear that many people are voting for the offered designs based on quirks of the HTML or CSS coding, rather than the graphical appearance, or are being swayed by performance on various sized browser windows.

That was never supposed to be part of what was being voted on. The fact that otherwise acceptable graphic designs are losing votes because people are unhappy with the HTML code used to generate them has forced me to cancel this vote.

I also suspect that the relative lack of contributions is due to a fault in my part when specifying the design task. I will open this design task up for more contributions, and be more careful to specify what is required. I'll be in touch with suitable volunteers in the next few days.

Sorry to have to do this, especially to those who have already taken time to consider their votes and to the designers of the contributions. It was an unfair competition and I had to stop it.

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