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Robins Financial Credit Union is your trusted partner in the car buying process. In this content, we’re going to discuss about Gap credit cards, or Financial Credit Union, one of the loan products. Here’s how it works Let’s say you buy your dream car with a very small down payment and a $30,000 auto loan As you may know, the market value of a car depreciates quickly as they often say, they drop in value when you “drive it off the lot.” Then let’s say your car is in a serious accident, and the damage is so extensive it’s ruled a “total loss.” Fortunately, your auto insurance will reimburse you for the market value of your car.

What is GAP or Guaranteed Asset Protection?

Unfortunately – if you’ve taken a large loan – the amount you owe on the loan may be greater than the amount you will be reimbursed. There is a gap that you’re still on the hook for. So if you’re taking a large loan, the dealer will likely present you with this option, as almost all dealerships offer GAP. However, at Robins Financial, we offer GAP as well. And our GAP product could save you money compared to the dealership’s offer. So when you apply for your new or pre-owned vehicle with us, our Loan Officers will review GAP and other options available so you can consider them in the comfort of your home, with the time you need Remember, buying a car is exciting, but preparation allows you to enjoy the experience and make sure you get the best deal.

When you or someone in your family needs health care you visit your preferred provider to receive care. It’s simple and predictable. Sometimes after you leave the office you may receive a bill that’s higher than you expected. It’s an expense that can be stressful to fit into your budget. If your provider accepts CareCredit you’re already prepared with a way to pay. With the Pay My Provider online payment portal you can pay your post-care bill using your CareCredit credit card from any device and take advantage of special financing options. You can turn a single bill into convenient monthly payments so you can pay your bill over time. Enter your billing information ON site then choose an available special financing option on purchases over $200 and submit payment. It’s a quick easy and secure way to pay your balance and use your CareCredit credit card to help manage your healthcare expenses.

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Already have a bill from your provider? pay it now at pay provider not a care credit cardholder? You can pay online today.a bill that would bridge the pay gap between men and women working the same job. it’s the next step in a pay equity initiative that the city started nearly 2 years ago, the city councilor behind the bill to find out what this could mean for businesses and employees crystal. The vote could take place tonight. The councilor chambers, councilor diane gibson is hoping. If the bill passes, it will encourage business owners to work towards paying men and women equally.. and this is why. the city created the pay equity legislation in 2013. The goal is to give preference to companies willing to narrow the pay gap between men and women by at least 10 percent, when they apply for a city contract. The new bill would drop that pay gap to 7-percent. 3:22 in a perfect world that gap would be zero. However there are many good reasons where one employee may not get paid the same as another employee for the same work.

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3;35 reasons like time on the job experience and education level. businesses that can prove. They are below 7 percent can apply for a certificate to receive a 5% preference, which could give them an edge over another business applying to work with the city. If this is approved tonight, it would then go to the mayors office to be signed and then go into the city will honor their verification for the rest of their year. Any businesses bidding for the first time would have to be under that 7% to qualify. We will let you know, how the vote goes back to you? The city said the legislation has been so successful, other major cities are looking to replicate it..