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Cast - Race Rivals

The Nefteu Representation

The mysterious and xenophobic system Nefteu ("Nuf-Too") has only recently opened its borders and, in a show of diplomacy, entered a state-sponsored team into the race. Pilot, mechanic, navigator and alternate crewmen are all eerily similar to one another, right down to looks: same height, same eye colour, complexion, hair colour, style even! They never speak unless spoken to, and then only directly to answer the question, although they're nicely polite about it. How much they look alike doesn't hold a candle to how well they work together though - it's as though they were all the same person.

Their ship looks like their uniforms, sleek, black, shiny with a grey band (in the uniforms this goes across the chest). The name of the ship is written in grey on the side: Dominus. Creepy, but it's a diplomatic wave hello from a system that holds four planets thick with veins of unprocessed fuel.

The team spend most of their time keeping their ship perfectly shipshape, although when pressed they seem uncreative about their methods. They don't do anything experimental to improve the ship in any way, nor do they seem to employ creative navigation techniques, shielding, weaponry, anything. Still, there is something particularly odd about their ship and they persistently do very well in the race.

- Character description by teddy.

Reference art version 1 by Pumpkinetics.

Reference art version 2 by Dr. B.

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