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Cast - Race Rivals

Miss M.'s crew

Miss M.: A tall, over-bosomed woman that is all forward. Dressed in sensible black pants and big hiking boots but a brightly coloured buttoned shirt that shows off her assets. Which she refers to in the third person, and shamelessly uses to get the advantage in every situation. Some kind of hideous back-story and red hair. Very loud and kinda embarrassing to be around, but is an excellent captain so the crew put up with it. Is the only one on the crew who knows Newton's first name and uses it to blackmail him (because giant breasts don't work on a lizard).

Newton, first name Fig (but he doesn't tell people that): Small, weedy, humanoid lizard. Ship's engineer. Was named Fig Newton because his mother liked the sound of it, but tells people he was named Newton because of his obvious intelligence and aptitude for science. Considers himself above the rest of the crew and is a sarcastic bastard, but has a kind streak. Has an eyepatch.

Dúr: Ship's cook/cleaner/heavy-things-lifter/dogsbody. About 8 foot tall mutant, three eyes, and is blue and kinda furry. Thick as a post. Likes shiny things and small animals. Has a five word vocabulary. No one knows where he came from but Miss M. found him in a shipping port and hired him because he's really strong.

Kiddo: A kid that stowed away in the same port the Dúr was found in. Never stops talking and asking stupid questions. Potentially female but has short hair and is wrapped up in layers of combat-green clothes so it's hard to tell. Black/brown hair. Can wiggle through small spaces, so gets used to sabotage other ships. Helps Dúr with the dishes and complains about the food a lot. Newton hates him/her.

- Character description by bloodedrose. Reference art by CabbyHat, colouring by menoin714. (Click characters for larger art.)

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